Folding Door System

“Inside…meet Outside. You’re going to like each other”

folding door

Norwood’s latest addition to its quality line of solid wood doors and windows is the Folding Door System , a virtual wall of folding wood and glass designed to help you bring the outside in on those warm summer days, and keep the inside warm and dry when the weather turns foul. Custom built to enclose large openings, Norwood’s folding door system is weather tight, easy to maneuver, beautiful to look at, and comes complete with solid brass hardware resistant to the damaging effects of rust and corrosion.

folding door3 folding door2

Hardware option Solid brass, bronze powder coat or stainless steel hardware available. For more options view Doors Hardware section.

folding door hardware1 folding door hardware2 folding door hardware3 folding door hardware4

See how it works

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