Fiberglass story


Fiberglass is used in many industry applications where strength and stability are required. Common applications include recreational boats, automotive and performance products. As well, fiberglass is commonly used in bridge construction as a replacement for structural steel. Fiberglass can be subjected to the most extreme weather conditions and will stand the test of time in hot, cold or acidic environments. Pultruded fiberglass is moisture resistant, chemically inert and will not corrode in coastal applications.

Fiberglass windows are manufactured using a pultrusion process where glass fibers are coated with resin and pulled through a hot die the shape of the frame or sash profile. The heat cures the fiberglass resin to form a permanent shape that remains unaltered by any environmental condition. This strength means pultruded fiberglass window frames and sashes can be narrower, providing more window viewing area, which, in turn, means greater heat gain.