Choose from a wide variety of grille options.

At Norwood, we offer the ­complete range of grille options, from our authentic style Vintage Series (SDL) divided lites to internal pewter, Mutin and white aluminum to removable wood. And we love to be challenged to build unusual patterns.

Enjoy the classic charm of Vintage Series (SDL) traditional divided lites. A variety of muntin bar profiles and sizes are ­available. You can order one profile on the exterior and another on the interior at no extra cost. You can even mix grille dimensions on one side. Technoform spacer bars are available in Black or Grey.

Pencil Pewter Internal Grille


DSC 9641 copy  

True Divided Lite (TDL)

The rebirth of a classic! Norwood's new True Divided Lite windows are built by modern-day craftsman trained in the specialized art of traditional window making. If you crave authenticity down to the smallest detail, the individual panes and ornate ribbing of our TDL windows will satisfy you like no other.

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