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Casing & trim

A case for architectural harmony.
Norwood products typically have slender, elegantly proportioned casings suitable for many of today's architectural styles. In some cases, various architectural styles are better suited with the appropriate optional Casings, Backbands, Subsills and other trim features like Pediments, Pilasters and Keystones to name a few.

With Norwood, your products arrive completely assembled with all casing and trim elements in place saving you time and expense at the job site. Many of our Casing, Backband and Subsill profiles are shown on pages 6 and 7. Ask your dealer about these classic profiles as well as an invitation to create your own.

Custom Millwork
Norwood also specializes in custom millwork and can create the solutions you are looking for.

file Download the Architectural Detail File for Trim Options
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Let us build the look you want
Take a standard Single or Double ung Window, add a Wide Board Casing and/or Pediment with Keystone.

casing hung1casing hung2casing hung3


are available in three
different sizes or we can
make them as special orders.
are available for windows
and doors.

Top it off with handsome
pediment      pilasters       pediment kp134

pediment kp312

pediment kp134