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Product Options
option casingsCasings & Trim
Casings, Backbands, Subsills, Keystones, Pediments and Pilasters
options door hardwareDoor hardware
Get a real handle on choice here.
option energyEnergy Saving
Save energy and reduce interior fading.
option grillesGrilles
Authentic Vintage Series, Leaded, Pewter, Brass and more.
option screensScreen options
Why look through screen mesh when it is not needed?
option woodSpecies of Wood
From Beech to Walnut take your pick.
option stainWood Components and Finishes
From Noarcoat factory finish to factory stains and colors.
option glassDecorative glass
Textured, beveled, tinted or stained... it's here.
option sillsDoor Sills & Swing
IInswing, outswing, anodized, solid, wood or low profile
options falsesashesFalse Half-Round Sashes
Available on any window.
option heritageHeritage Proportions
Bigger is better for historic buildings.
options shuttersSHUTTERS
Available in a variety of colours to match your home.
option windowshardwareWindows hardware
Your choices in Cranks, Handles, Lifts and Locks.