Low-E (low emissive) coating is a thin, metallic film that is practically invisible to the naked eye. Argon Gas is a harmless, odourless, colourless gas from natural sources, with a higher insulation value than air. Together, they make your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and they reduce the harmful ultra-violet rays that can fade your interior surfaces. The insulating values of this popular Low-E Argon combo also reduce fuel consumption – good for the wallet and good for the environment.


Low-E coating forms a barrier to long-wavelength energy only. The sun’s rays are short-wavelength radiation and easily pass through the window while the longer wavelengths of more harmful U-V rays are significantly reduced. Much of this solar energy is absorbed into the structure and furnishings, but the rest is re-radiated inside the house as long-wavelength energy.

Your heating and cooling systems also make long-wavelength energy. Uncoated glass absorbs most of this long-wavelength energy and re-radiates it to the outdoors. Low-E coating significantly reduces that thermal loss. The smaller amount of re-radiated energy that does make it out through the interior coated glass is then impeded by the Argon Gas inside the unit to help keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Please note that Low-E Coating is not available in some decorative glazing. Ask for details.


Triple-glazed glass available upon request

** Permaglass is not availble in triple-glazed

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